We are still at the early stages of pioneering this approach to addiction recovery.  We do ongoing follow-ups with our clients to see how the work we do has impacted them.

So far the results have been very promising.  Most of the people we have worked with have shown major shifts in their lives after working with us.  These were typically shifts that they were not able to make previously despite their best efforts.  Here are some examples:

  • One of our clients completely stopped using meth after working with us over three back-to-back sessions.  In his own words, his desire for meth was simply gone.  Gone!
  • That same client’s mother stated that she felt sure we had saved his life, as he was planning suicide before working with us.
  • Another client resumed her recovery work (“working her steps”) for the first time in a dozen years.   She felt her motivation return.
  • Another client was able to get through significant emotional turmoil without relapsing.  Previous to working with us this client’s consistent pattern was to relapse during personal emotional crises.

We are working with our clients to bolster this anecdotal evidence with concrete case studies and ultimately data.  However, even at this beginning stage, we are encouraged by the anecdotal testimony and the qualitative feedback from clients who swear our work has changed their lives.