Client Comments

I feel like the person I was before I started using.

I was offered harder drugs recently, after working with Richard. I told them: “No, I don’t need to do this.” I told them “no” a couple of times. They gave the opportunity for free but I said no.

For me working with Richard was big: I’ve gotten over cocaine & meth and stuff. Also drinking and smoking were so comfortable before. I used to drink every night, a bottle of gin…I would go out every night and get cross faded. This was happening for a couple of years…ecstasy, mali, meth, cocaine, heroin once. It feels way behind me now.

After working with Richard, I started doing a 12 step program for the first time in 12 years.

I don’t want to drink which is fricking amazing because I’m a person who thinks about using or drinking all time…. now its not happening.

I have an anxiety disorder; sometimes it keeps me from leaving the house & doing things I need to do like grocery shopping. But after the treatment I can do it like 99% more easily. Walking around the block before was an extremely uncomfortable experience. Now I’m having a good time.

When I have negative emotions or thoughts, something shifts before I even think it through and I have a more positive thought, a whole different entire feeling… I had less nervous energy, I stopped over eating so much after working with Richard.

In the past I would have a craving and I would think of a way to get away with using… now I have a craving and I think of a way to get away from the thought because I don’t want to use.

This is priceless. Its not something to put a value on. Its something I’ve never experienced or seen or heard of and it works.

It’s really important for my recovery and I’m still astonished and all I can say is that it worked for me. I don’t know if there’s words for that it’s a huge thing to do something like that for something. It’s like somebody helping you to train your mind in a way that’s fruitful & benefits you for the rest of your life. It takes a huge amount of pain away for your life, especially if you have anxiety.

After working with Richard, my anxiety level has definitely gone down. I’m feeling confident & proud of myself for the progress.

I replaced smoking weed, cigarettes & drinking alcohol with meditation, veggie juice, and exercise.

When you look at the cost of all the rehab centers I’ve gone through you and you look at the cost of Richard: why would someone not want to help their child [to see Richard]? Its definitely worth trying.

I have to say the initial experience I had right after all the work that was done, what I felt immediately after was that the desire to actively terminate my life, which I had my entire life, changed to the way where I may have still had that distantly, but the preparing & following through left me completely. That’s a huge thing; it’s not recovery related specific and yet it is because that’s where the process of using & that whole experience will take a person to ‘I’m just going to end it.’

As for cravings, after working with Richard, there was none of that. The first thought will come in, and I will be like ‘that’s ridiculous’. Before working with Richard I had cravings & relapsed several times.

My best friend said ‘OMG you’ve changed so much: i’ve never seen you change so much!’ For the last four years my friend has been to every rehab i’ve been to. She said: ‘its amazing the changes… you actually look different.’

I am now cutting six of my medications in half, with approval of my psychiatrist. Thats huge! I’ve not been able to do that before seeing Richard.

Richard is going to be so wanted, he’s never going to have time for us! He’s so amazing: I just want other people to experience what I have.

I had felt no hope, none at all. Thats the worst place you can be, no hope. Now I feel hope. That is such an amazing feeling … and I’m so happy about that. Its been a really long time…it makes me want to try… I want to try… I actually want to try…. Its incredibly awesome, especially if you know how I used to be.

When I was done with Richard my inner peace seemed a lot calmer.

I have been to 13 different rehabs, not including detox, sober living, and transitional living. It is more than I can count. I have also been to a psych ward. I am that person that the doctors all said was hopeless. If it will work for me it will work for anyone.

The value of working with Richard is priceless. I could have saved $50,000 of treatment. It would save thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars.

I havent really had any cravings for it since working with Richard.