Addiction Recovery

We use advanced meditation techniques to help people overcome addiction.

Addiction creates a number of changes in the brain: mental patterns change as synapses fire differently due to the presence and absence of addictive substances.  New pathways have been created through addiction that tend to perpetuate use of the substance or substances. Meditation experts are able to control their brain function to an incredible level.  Our meditation expert has found that he can synchronize his consciousness with another’s, in an effort to undo these pathways.  Clients report huge shifts after working with him.

Meditation is found in almost every tradition on the planet and many people have tried to use meditation to help with addiction recovery.  The challenge with many meditative techniques, such as mindfulness, is that they require the client to do the meditation.  This can be incredibly challenging as the body and psyche are moving through the stages of recovery.  What we have found at Clarity Healing is a method that seems to provide some of the benefits of advanced meditation to clients without them needing to be meditation practitioners.

During a meditation session, our clients sit or lie down and just relax.  The practitioner sits across the room from them and meditates.  Clients sitting in a relaxed state report receiving profound mental, emotional, and physical benefits almost as if they had been meditating themselves.

Most of our clients describe profound effects from this work.  We routinely hear comments like “I feel like the person I was before I used drugs” – this from a person who used narcotics for over 5 years, after just one session.  Or, “I no longer have cravings” – this from a person who was a meth addict for years.  Or, “I feel like I am on SOMA…whenever I would normally think of using, instead I just feel happy and think positive thoughts.”

Working with us is not a replacement for traditional therapy modalities.  Working with us will complement the recovery work you are already doing by making it easier, making it less of a struggle, and making the therapy more effective.  The result is you overcoming addiction faster, easier, more completely and with less struggle.